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Finn Kaczmarowski|A Pitcher|An Outfielder|A Student

profile_pic Finn Kaczmarowski

Finn Kaczmarowski

  • Pitcher
  • Outfielder
  • Student
  • Age
  • Bat/Throw
    Bats: Right / Throws: Right
  • Height/Weight
    6'4" / 185
  • League/Team
    PBL North Shore Twins
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Work Experience outside baseball.

  • Chef: 1 year
  • Waiter: 1 year
  • Image X Software: 1 year
  • Hockey Help the Homeless Volunteer
  • 2 Doors Soup Kitchen

Art Wright Tournament (2018)

Washington & Premier Tournament

Hitting: ABS: 23, AVG: 423, SLUG: .696, OPS: 1.196
Pitching: W: 1, ERA: 2.95, Opposing BA: 2.86


I am currently finishing my highschool education at Lord Byng Secondary with a 3.2 GPA. I have recently taken the SAT and scored a 1250 on my first attempt. Graduated June 1st.

General Business (Major)

Master Degree of Business

My passion at school has always been the creative and technical classes. This has fueled an inspired interest in business entrepreneurship as well as Computer Programming where I hope to follow the path of my father as a entrepreneur in the computer programming and business world.

Computer Programming (Minor)

Minor in Comp Sci

As well as a major in business I would like to pursue a further education in computer science. My fathers background in Comp Sci has interested me into pursuing basic skills in multiple languages. I plan to grow my knowledge as I reach a higher level of schooling.


Skills as a Ballplayer:

  • Quick to the ball
  • Strong Arm
  • High Average
  • Hit for Power
  • Command of Pitches
Pitching / FB: 85mph, Curve: 65mph, Change 78mph | Record: 3-0, ERA: 0.88
Hitting / ABs: 40, Avg: .441, OBPS: .625
Fielding / 90ft: 4.15 | 60yd: 6.71
Baserunning / SB: 3, Attempts: 4


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I love baseball and I love to learn