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Humpback Hydro an early-stage energy company with compelling patented technology capable of delivering affordable, clean, renewable energy and potable water at grid-scale.

Pump storage hydro (PSH) platforms are built near shore in bodies of water that provide the water reservoir needed for the storage system.
Because of unsuitable topography in many places, only about a dozens nations can take advantage of traditional PSH systems. Humpback Hydro’s platform brings this proven technology to the world.
With our patented system, 165 nations can now use PSH, the best and most proven way to date to store grid-scale energy over the long term.
A natural extension of the PSH infrastructure is desalination infrastructure to process potable water as an output of the PSH process.


Near Shore Pump Storage Hydro

  • Water from a lake, ocean or bay provides a constant supply

  • Built on the lake or ocean floor, water follows gravity to the lower generator to produce electricity.

  • Fitted with renewable energy capture (solar / wind), the system pumps water to an storage reservoir to handle peak demands.

  • Water stored in the upper reservoir is released through a second generator during peak demand.

Integrated Water Desalination

  • Integrating Reverse Osmosis Desalination utilizes power from the PSH to treat water acquired from the upper reservoir.

The crux of the energy/water nexus arises because the supply of both water and energy is decreasing while the demand rises globally.

-- Energy Signatures, Maximizing Production and Mitigating Impacts / Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2015

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